P&P International is a virtual independent Management Consultancy Group. It’s main area of activities of the members is in management development projects in the new Federal States of Germany and in Middle and Eastern Europe.The members of this group started in the End of 1992 in this business. During the last year’s, P & P INTERNATIONAL could achieve a standard of expertise and flexibility to meet the demands of its clients with a network of backstopping experts and partner consultancies. As you will find there our main activities in the past were dealing with the problems of the new Federal States of Germany. Thereby you will find the following key characteristics of our services:

However, the objective of this paper is not only to report on past sucesses of P & P INTERNATIONAL, but, especially to introduce to our diversified services with a particular reference to the problems of Middle and Eastern Europe. In the past years we could observe in Middle and Eastern Europe that the problems and programmes tend to focus toward three areas as:

The choice of various projects in this field is obvious:

As we can see, those three areas are closely interlinked and:

In response to those needs and problems in Middle and Eastern Europe, P & P INTERNATIONAL did consider these issues while developing their own services to those problems. As a result, we were able to design a pool of backstopping experts which is able to offer individual areas and as a team to maintain a comprehensive approach in the way to a market oriented economy in Middle and Eastern Europe.

Small and medium sized companies are the pulls of the economy in the European Community, the development of small and medium sized companies in the Middle and in the Eastern European Countries will be the motor in the transition to a market economy. Only with a shift from big state owned organisations to especially private owned small companies one is able to create a flexible, dynamic economy able to respond quickly to the needs of its consumers. The slogan „Small is beautiful“ finds here its particular value. Thereby as consultants we do need to address to the following problems:

On the basis of our background we are able to offer the services as described in the following table to assist existing and new small and medium sized companies as well as the supporting units serving this type of companies.