P&P International - Consulting Services

Management Consultancy

SME Management
Owner Manager

  • small business growth management,

  • entrepreneurial management / owner management,

  • human resource management in smaller companies,


All relevant functions of small business management as well as the services needed for small business start ups

  • planning and controll system in smaller companies

  • funding and financing policies for smaller companies,

  • networking,

  • marketing, export, organization, EDP, accounting, MIS, production etc.

  • sustainable resources
    environmental management

Policy advice

Governmental departments, public organizations

  • studies with particular reference to the local conditions and recommendation encountering the possibilities and limitation of the avaible resources,

  • design, evaluation of programmes to promote existing and potential smaller companies including the distribution of grants, credit condition and pay back modus


All areas of consultancy to promote and develop a small business community

  • development of credit policies, selection of appropriate financial instruments,

  • design of investment programs incl. investment premiums, regional and sectoral subsidies, fiscal relief,

  • creation of benchmark to policy programmes and evaluation of the effectiveness of SME support activities,

  • development of regional policies,

  • legal and fiscal promotion of smaller companies incl. evaluation on the legislative impact to SME and proposals for their improvement

Small Business Promotion

Public and private organizations dealing with smaller companies

  • foreign trade development for smaller companies,

  • evaluation, design of business start up programmes,

  • promotion of networking,

  • planning and evaluation of information and innovation centres for smaller companies,

  • design and execution of pilot management, ready to be copied elsewhere in the region or country.